Susan V. Janssen worked for the Cleveland Eye Bank for 29 years, retiring as the Executive Director in 2012.  She passed away in October, 2021 at the age of 78.  Sue was an active and dedicated longtime member of the Eye Bank Association of America, and worked tirelessly, with the goal of universally helping to restore sight through education, transplant and research.

Scholarship Details:

  • The Susan V. Janssen Scholarship will provide local medical students dedicated to pursuing Ophthalmology, support for conducting eye research projects within their medical school’s Department of Ophthalmology.

  • Eligible medical students enrolled at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and Northeast Ohio Medical School. 

  • This is an annual award of $250 per student, starting in 2023, to honor Sue’s memory and the impact she had at the Cleveland Eye Bank and the world of saving vision.

Cleveland Eye Bank Foundation raises funds for research to preserve and restore sight, and supports and delivers community and professional education.