Our Journey Through Time

A pivotal moment arrived in 1976 when a groundbreaking corneal storage medium was developed, enabling corneas to be stored and transplanted within a five-day window, expanding the possibilities for successful transplantation.

In 1983, the organization embarked on an important educational journey, introducing a Hospital Education Program to train healthcare professionals on approaching families regarding eye donation.

The Cleveland Eye Bank’s commitment only grew stronger as it merged with the Akron Eye Bank in 1987, uniting hospitals across the Warren-Alliance-Salem area.

In 2012, the organization underwent another transformation, emerging as the Cleveland Eye Bank Foundation to focus on providing local support to researchers and physicians in their quest to find treatments and cures for blinding eye diseases.

65 Years of Impact

Since 2012, the Cleveland Eye Bank Foundation has granted 1.2 million dollars for local vision research, providing hope for future generations with eye diseases.

Join Us in Celebrating 65 Years

On November 1, 2023, we celebrate 65 years of dedication and compassion. We invite you to be part of our journey- Join us in our ongoing mission to raise funds for research, to preserve and restore sight and support and deliver community and professional education.

Together, we look forward to a brighter, clearer future.

More than 82% of individuals over age 50 suffer from some form of impaired vision, and this number only continues to rise.

You Can Help: Give Today

Watch "Two Eyes to Every Story," where real people share inspirational stories of how eye research has impacted their lives.

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